Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to start a business using scratch off stickers

One of the most important aspects of starting a business is marketing. Every business has to engage in some sort of marketing. Many businesses use scratch offs as a form of marketing to attract new customers, to encourage sales, and to show customer appreciation. Car dealers use them, craft stores use them, beauty shops use them, and direct sales representatives use them. Any business can use scratch offs to promote their business and to generate new leads.

Scratch off stickers can be used on personalized candy wrappers, as personalized party favors, and as incentives to go the extra step. Customers will be incentivized to buy the extra shirt, book a party, close the deal, or otherwise do something a little extra due to the scratch off. People like having a chance to win so scratch off party favors are excellent additions to your business start up.

Create buzz for your business by having a grand-opening, giving out personalized candy wrappers, and scratch off party favors. The scratch offs can offer the chance to win a really big prize with a lot of smaller prizes. You can offer any prize you want, a trip to France, a 1000 dollar shopping spree, percents off, or BOGO offers. You can offer the percents off on today's purchase or future purchases, it's completely up to you.

If you have a business where you buy wholesale, and sell retail, you can include a scratch off ticket with the packing label along with a catalog of your other products. The scratch off can offer special coupon codes, percents off and other offers. If you are a book seller, you can go beyond typical scratch offs and include scratch off bookmarks in each book you sell. This a nice gift, but also can encourage repeated sales.

Since you can put any picture you want under the scratch off, a really great idea is to put a QR Code under the scratch offs. This will bring traffic to your website, get newsletter sign ups and make for a fun time for your clients and potential clients who were lucky enough to receive a scratch off promotion from you.

Starting a business using scratch offs as a marketing method can make your marketing dollars go really far because you can make one type of marketing collateral go farther. For instance, if you create business cards you can include a scratch off sticker. This will encourage people to look at your business card again, and hopefully buy from you.

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